Sorry i was mean

school is a place for kids to learn and talk to there friends. This is the story of a kid named Timothy Michael O’Clair. He was funny and happy most of the time of what we could see, people teased him made fun of him and laughed at him.

One day a girl named Jessica was saying mean things to Tim and she told him he might as well kill himself because no body liked him. The next day i was sick and went to the doctor it was a friday when i got the call the twelve year old Timothy killed himself. All i could do was think about every thing bad that i hade said to him the day before and thought it was my falt. I hade went for a walk and started to cry when i started to run and ran into the road and got hit bye a car. Now i still feel it is my falt. I was in a cast but only on one of my legs. The next day, the day i feared the most the day of the funeral i looked in the casket and say his face for the last time.
I started to cry and i couldent take it and i fell and passed out. I woke up later that day wanting to see Tim again, but knowing i couldent made me mad and the next day i tryed to kill myself. It didnt work i wanted to be with Tim.
You cant blame your self for any thing that has happend. Even though death is hard to deal with,you have to be strong and hold in there. Im only 13 but i have feeling about death to Tim i hope you are watching over me because i miss you and im shairng Tims and mine story because it is important to not be mean and help stop these feelings that some people have. I hope you all read this and understand where im comeing from. This is a story of a boy who took his own life and also took mine with him.

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By The Evil Cheezman

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