Soulus Espiritismo

life is shitty sometimes
i know my hands are cold
but my eyes are always

watching you
my mind dosen’t always function
i don’t care eitherway
but i notice your pain
in your head
it aches worse
than you would ever’ve said
life could be worse
just know that the bottom
is farther away
sharp metal peircing your body
climb up baby take my hand
i’ll kneel beside you
we’ll both be damned
one day you’ll realize
it gets so much worse
it dosen’t matter to me
if only you’ll take my hand
be for real
don’t say a word
(whispered truth)
in the windows of your soul.


  1. I liked the lines: “sharp metal peircing your body, climb up baby take my hand”

    And out of pure curiosity, are you using Latin as the language for this title?


  2. “one day you’ll realize
    it gets so much worse”

    I love those lines.

  3. lol trust you people to pick the most depressing lines. that’s so typical of this place that it makes me laugh.
    Personally I liked

    “watching you
    my mind doesn’t always function”


    ” i’ll kneel beside you
    we’ll both be damned. ”

    I showed that to my boyfriend and it got me laid but good.
    He’s such a sappy freak sometimes but then so am I … so anyway thanks for that.

    Erm, those lines apart, it was okay. Not the best I’ve ever read but certainly not the worst. It hit the sides going down, which is always a good thing.
    The first line was lame, but then none of us can make every line good.

    Later, Dam.

  4. i have to disagree with childofdeath because personally i hated the line:
    ‘sharp metal peircing your body’

    BUt i did like:

    ‘life could be worse
    just know that the bottom
    is farther away’

    It’s nice to see a little bit of optimism on this site.

    I also agree with blacklight that the first line was a little pance, but hey, keep tryin right.


  5. I pesonally like the “sharp metal peircing your body” life can feel like a major thorn in your a$$!! But like you said we just haft to keep going on, at least their are other freaks that don’t mind being damned either! that was really good Laecutis

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