Spoiler Alert for ‘Supernatural’ Season 9: Death Waiting for Sam Winchester or is it?

‘Supernatural’ Season 9: Death Waiting for Sam Winchester, Ezekiel to Rescue …
International Business Times AU
“Supernatural” viewers are given a quick look at what the upcoming Season 9 brings.

the night desk’s insight:
The season opener is just a few weeks away from now, and rumor has it there might be season 10 to follow this one if all goes well. When we last left Dean, Sam and Cas things were… unraveling to say the least. Cas was an unwitting accomplish to bringing down heaven by an angry angel who has resided on earth for a very long time. Sam and Dean were doing their very best to slam the doors of hell at any cost, and for Sam the cost was very high. Who will survive and what kind of divine assistance will they receive if any?

source: au.ibtimes.com

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