spring break

this is a true sory that happened to me at the end of spring break I was staying at my friend’s house and her parent’s had taken 5 of the kids that were the youngest lout of town, Kt(my friend) and her older sister and 2 older brothers , we had all been drinking,

I hadn’t drank that much and her oldest brother Jay had told me hr had candy and I really wanted some of the big gummi bears and he and some so i went to get some and he locked the door which wasn’t really that odd because he was always locking his door, so i went over to get one but he had one in his mouth and i went to pull on it and he told ‘ that’s not the way your supposed to get it ‘ so i grabbed the end with my teeth but he pulled he down and held my mouth to his, i pulled away and finally got lose and i had just got my toungue done it hurt so i was standing there for a minute making sure it was ok and then he turned the light off, and he oulled me on the bed and was on top me kissing at me and i tryed to push him off but he just pinned my hands above my head, he had drank a lot cus he had to stop and spit alot and i think he puked once he was still holding me down when he would put his head out the window, i tried to cry out and everytime i did he’d hit me and he had his stero loud, i could hear ppl walking around outside the door but they didn’t knock on the door or anything, eventually he got out a condom , i keep saying no but i guess he didn’t care because he did it twice , i couldn’t stop crying he feel asleep and i snunk out , i went upstairs crying but everyone was asleep it was like 8 am , i feel so dirty i had to shower and then i fell asleep after throwing up for what seemed like forever. The next afternoon I woke up and he was watching me and was telling me it wasn’t him it was because he was drunk and this and that and he did like me blah blah , then he told me if i wanted to stay friends w/ Kt not to say anything that it was our “little” secret.