Standing in the Dark

I’m standing alone in the dark
drowning in the fear
smothered in the shadows
im the only one here

im not hiding but im the only one around
visions of evil i see before my eyes
mays well be def i cant hear a sound
im standing alone in the dark

standing, waiting, but waiting for what?
it’s dark things arent what i thought
im standing here alone in the charred world
lyke a spider web in the darkness im caught

you cant see my but im standing near
choking on my own soul
gasping for air but you cant hear
standing lost and forgotten in the dark

i yell but you dont seem to notice
trying to figure out this world im in
i’ll be standing here for a while
seeing as i cant look past the sin
its lyke a thick fog covering my eyes
im just standing alone in the dark


By raven_lostchild

im 14 and stuck in a town where everyone is a racist or just an asshole...therefore life pretty much sucks. but other than that my fav. bands are such as kiTTie, gODHEAD, Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, Soil, Coal Chamber, Rob Zombie, Crossbreed, Hatebreed