Watching you breathe is captivating .
Watching you suffocate is chilling.
My darling starlight..what have you done to me?
i use to qwiver from the touch of your hand.
Now it is mine so fermly griped around your throat.
The hardly forgotton feel of a blade gashing a tiny stream across you wrists
Bleed darling..threw the wounds percied on your porcilin skin
Show me…
You have so many secrets inside you ..
i will find them my starlight..threw the slash of a silver blade
You are so ugly to me..but your so beautifule within ..
To soak in your blood is a pleasure …
My dress so beautifuly stained ..with crimson drops
The shadows like a lingering gosts gide my hands iside
Peeling away past the skin to find what i must have
To hold and devour your presious heart.
Finaly its mine. oh how i missed the sweet taste..
Your death is over float back in to me..
i will love you forever…threw enchanted love struck eyes
As yours are glossy like ice…Once as dark as hollow night
Hush my starlight now its over as your corpse lay in my arms
Rotting threw skin to bones..i will barry you under moonlit gardens…
were the rotting roses grow

By §creaming §uicide

:::child of malice ::: §corpo ,British,Bisexual,a §hy emo kinda vibe, im a poety whore..thats why im here ... :::beautifle suicide :::