step closer

(under: Erotica)

‘ Here. Be with me.’

Her words were slow and articulate, whistling through lines of her cerise lips as she said them. Behind the dark veil that covered half her face, her gaze carefully searched him over. Standing arms length before her, the gaunt man in the black leather pants placed one leg a step forward. His shirt was removed, as was customary for his visits, and tiny beads were globing over his clavicle, ready to slide over to it’s watery grave on the cold concrete floor of her boudoir.

Bordeaux splashed gentle waves in her glass as the pad of her index finger circled the rim, creating a slight din in the darkened room. His face was so smooth and young, yet had the reserve and unmoving gait of an older man. His eyes, a cold iron blue beneath his shaven head, fixed her in his gaze.

At last he spoke, the voice low and removed, crisp yet weathered. ‘ I have come once more for you.’

‘ I have the deepest regret for your loss,’ he watched her turn uncomfortably away, the veil shifting in the dimness obfuscating her eyes all the more. Then a cool breeze of half cold half warmth swept over the flank of her cheek, the coarse sandy prints of his fingers upon her jowl coaxing her head back to it’s previous location as he knelt before her. ‘ I have come to pay my respects, my lady.’ A thick tapered forearm slid tenderly below her legs, causing the left leg to fall from its place on the right. His arm tresses tickled the underside of her milky thighs. His large hand supported her back as he lifted her from the divan, her Amsterdam silk cushions dropped disgracefully onto the floor. Her head fell back; crashing her red mane over his sun tanned arm like tentacles swaying over its oceanic property, shedding her veiled bonnet.

The sound of his bare feet slapping against the cold concrete was all she heard, not even a breath was audible to her as he brought her to her bedstead. She sank into the silk sheets like a ship in troubled water, her skin sliding over the chenille comforter half on the floor itself by her unannounced delivery. She faced the ceiling, with the drapes of the posts connecting the bed like a wrestling ring; it’s lurid crimson fabric glowing by the outside influence of the candelabrum on the mantle of the ivory fireplace.

He disappeared from view, only to reappear in the form of warm breath upon her knee. A strong wind from his mouth separated the marriage of her knees, letting them drift apart. The warm breath sliding over her inner thigh as he opened his mouth. Syrupy salivation, first warm then cool, trickled on her as he wrapped his lips around the fleshy mound of her thigh. Careful as to not cut her open with the sharp prickles of his unshaven mouth, he extended his lips and drew the flesh into his mouth as it slides

slide slide crush, her fingers entangle the soft tufted cords of silk of the comforter. She twists her fist and pulls at the fabric; he pulled the muscles together in his tongue and made it hard and long. The valley of her thigh and the wave of her labia are glistened with the arrival of his strong wet tongue as it glides over gently.

She inhales He clasps his lips onto a lip and sucks it in, forcing his head to crash against her body. Then he draws back, labrum clenched between his two powerful lip muscles. Strategically he sucks in more, pulling pulling, the wave bends and crests behind his upper front teeth. A release and the swollen lip retreats, slides back and is met by his tongue again. This time not strong, but a gentle flat muscle. His lingua curls upward and licks downward against her swollen lips, then slowly slowly upward in the valley separating the sea of her gash. Her taste is salty and syrupy, clean and fresh. He finds the button of her clit and buries his head in the mix.

slide slide crush her fingers wrap around his hairless cranium pulling hard into her cunt, her back arching slowly back and forth against and away from the mattress. Her breasts peak upward, nipples stiffen, rib cage tries to break the surface of her skin. Her lower lip held by her front teeth, her lashes clamped to the side of her face. A moan sigh, pull pull.

He holds her legs apart yet pulls her firm buttocks closer to his pushing mouth, the gyrating motions of his tongue lips mouth teeth, swallow, pull. She sits upward, a jolt if you will. Her mouth agape, crimson hair firing past her shocked head as she burst out a scream, burying her crotch into his mouth. Sweat drops from her body and the smell of sex permeates the room. Explode exlode explode!

Tears stream down her face. Her fists squeeze against her clit, soaked in come, she withdraws her fingers and opens her eyes. He is gone once more, until she draws forth his reality again.