Still Screaming

There was this girl, Harmony, no one ever noticed her really even though she did have a boyfriend, she always faded into the shadows. The only thing that really stood out was her pale skin and deep green eyes behind all the black. She always sat in the back of class with head phones on and drawing to keep her hands busy, just and everyday thing for her, but then something happen, someone unexpectedly came into her life. It was a bad weak for her, her father had lost his job and her boyfreind was beating her again and she had to wear long sleeves more often now to cover the freshly sliced skin, but as soon as this new boy walked into class and she lifted her head, a smile slide across her face when she noticed he was smiling at her. His beauty was remarkable, he had gorgeous dark blue eyes, fair skin and black hair. He too wore all black clothing and his shirt revealed his slim and built body. She couldn’t help but blush and shy her eyes away. He sat infonet of her and occasionally turned around to glance at her, she tried not to notice or let it go to her head. After the first 2 classes Harmony went to lunch and sat under the same tree in the back of the courtyard that she always stayed during lunch. She didn’t notice that he had the same lunch as her and she fell back into dark whole of despair as she pulled up her one sleeve and ran her fingers across the new pink gasses on her wrist, when a voice from behind ask “Why would such a beautiful girl be in so much pain that she would ruin her beauty by covering it in scars?” “Because this is all the beauty I have they remind me that I can still feel, that I am still alive,” she didn’t look up at him because she knew who it was, she just shyly pulled her sleeve back down. “I’m Gabrielle, may I sit with you?” he asked and gestured to the bare spot next to her “If you wish to” so he sat beside her and they started talking. A few days pass and they become good friends, but then one day she didn’t show up, and the next day she wasn’t at skool again. Then finally on the third day she came to skool, her face bruised and tears streaming down. She pretended she didn’t hear the snickers and whispers from the classmates so she just sat down in her seat and went on like nothing was wrong. She wasn’t in the courtyard at lunch so Gabrielle went looking for her. He was walking down the hall when he heard a loud scream and then something being slammed into the locker, he ran in the direction of the scream and found Harmony begging and pleading with a guy that was hovering over her ready to strike her if she went to stand up again. Well, she did, and right when his arm was about to come slamming across her face Gabrielle pulled it back and threw the guy across the hall. “Don’t hurt him!” Harmony screamed out and Gabrielle turned to her and helped her up, but she couldn’t walk so he carried her to his car and just drove. She didn’t know where they were going, she didnt care either, she just cried from the pain and embarrassment. By the time he pulled over it was beinging to get dark. “Who was that?” he asked as he turned to face her. “My boyfriend, well, exboyfreind now I guess.” Gabrielles eyes grew wide with amazement, “Your boyfriend would hit you?” She burst into more tears and tried to make him understand that she thought he loved her because he said it so he must have meant it, all she wanted was to be loved and noticed and abuse was better than no attention at all. He pushed his seat all the way back and pulled her into his arms trying to offer her comfort but she just began to shake and cry more. Her whole life of pain flowed out of her that night and all he did was hold her and listen. “You don’t deserve someone like him” “I don’t deserve anyone” she choked on her tears, “Yes you do, your so beautiful and gentile, you should have someone that treats you better” she looked into his eyes and her tears began to stop falling, just then he took his hand and gently wiped away her tears and softly kissed her lips. That was her first kiss that ever meant anything to her. The first one she could actually feel that wasnt so hollow. After sharing a few embraces he took her home and wished her a good night. The next few days they got even closer than she could have ever imagined, she couldn’t believe she let someone in as much as she did with him. He knew everything about her, but then something happened that she couldn’t explain. Harmony realized she wasn’t good enough for him, that he deserved so much more than she could offer him. She started to avoid him thinking it was for the best because he didn’t need her, but when Gabrielle finally confronted her she was so scared she wasn’t doing what was right anymore. She really did love him but it scared her so much that he would leave her, like everyone else. “I cant do this Gabrielle” “What, what do you mean?” “I cant love you anymore, I made the mistake of letting you in I;m sorry, I don’t love you,” she lied, and tears fell that shattered on the floor just like their hearts. She wanted to kiss him and tell him she was sorry but she had to let him go, it WAS better for him, so she walked away. Days passed, and they slowly turned into weeks. Then she got one note, on her Birthday, of all the days. It was Gabrelles suicide note, he just couldn’t stand seeing her knowing he wanted her but could never get her back. He wished her a happy life and signed it “With all my heart you’ll always have. Gabrielle” The note dropped from her hand and she shut down. She really did love him, but now she had to push that aside and pretend it never happened. Months went by since she had received the note and she trained herself to show no emotions, to kill anything that got close to even resembling feelings of anything more than numbness. I see her everyday now, she looks so different, when I look into her eyes its as though she’s not even there. All that’s left of her is scars from when she attempted to feel and stained cheeks from all the tears she’s cried. And every night, when I lay awake at night, I can still hear her heart screaming, I can feel her tears steaming down my face and I can’t numb the pain in my heart for ever letting him go.

By BleedingTears

imma grl stuck in hell with no where else to go, yes sure ill talk to you if you want me to so if theres more you want to find out you have to ask me and maybe i will tell but theres nothing too interesting to say