Stitch My Heart

my dollie bleeds through tear-stained eyes
broken promises, deceitful lies
and all the while her black heart dies
no one left to hear her cries

her mind tells her not to trust
in this game that we call lust
my dollie knows no more than us
kill this romance; obey she must

she needs to stitch her broken heart
before she gives up; falls apart
she thinks it’s over; it’s just the start
she played the game; she wasn’t smart

the game was too much for the doll
eventually she gave up on us all
this corrupted game we all saw
no more names to her we call

there’s nothing left for you to see
her eyes leave no glitter, they simply bleed
the heart and mind are left in need
and still she think’s she’s in the lead

the game is over; she loses again
there’s no more tears of which to tend
no more heart is left to mend
the cycle starts all over again

( Let me remind you: stealing is a crime. Let’s save us both the hassel and yourself the humiliation, don’t steal. I take pride in the crappiest of my writings. )

By Dollie Stitches

I'm young, I'm immature, I'm stupid and I'm an aspiring writer. Then again, this is what this country is nowadays, is it not? I'm German, but I live in the US (Texas to be exact). I write a lot but I'm not that good, I like to sing and I like webdesign, I like to eat and most of all I like to sit on my ass and if you don't like it, I don't care because I look different from everyone else with my caked on eyeliner and snow white face but I look JUST THE SAME as over half of you and the thing is that I just don't care. So, call me gothic, call me punk, I'll call you a moron and tell you to shut the fuck up. All of us look the same, listen to the same music and write about the same things so why are we so different? We're not, you people who SAY we're different make us different and it's you people that MAKE ME SICK because we'd be just as normal as everyone else if we didn't fucking CARE. Every one of you who says they "don't care about labels" is lying to yourself in one way or another because we're all hypocrites and we're all stereotypical bastards. Welcome to America.