Stitched Doll

I never thought that I would see,
how beautiful it all could be
you stitched me up and made me cold,
you showed me the perfection I could never hold
You pierced tiny needles into my skin
and made me pay for my every sin
You pulled and hurt me with every stitch
you scarred my body and made me itch
You smiled at every tear that fell
and stitched up my lips so I wouldn’t tell
When I tried to open my lips to scream
you stitched up my eyes
and proved it wasn’t a dream
You made me your whore
you made me your stitch doll
You left me alone
and hung my body on the wall
Along with the other beauties
you wanted me to see
Along with the perfect dolls
you always wanted me to be.

By Felicia

"Felicia sounds more like a deadly disorder" Maybe I am..cute but deadly.