Stolen Moments (part 2)

She slowly slid her fingers against my crotch, teasing gently. Arching against her hand, I gasped and closed my eyes, feeling her mouth close over my nipple. She bit down — she knew I liked pain — and pulled my nipple up into her mouth. I was writhing, cramming two fingers into her tiny, hot pussy…she suddenly jerked her head away from my nipple and screamed, hips bucking against my hand.

She came for two minutes, thrusting and writhing against me. Slowly, her body relaxed; she rested her head on the covers of my bed for a moment, then raised it and gently pulled me toward her. She knelt between my legs, forcing me onto my back, and slid my panties down past my knees. Just as I was about to ask what she was doing, she leaned over, and I felt her tongue stroke my clit gently. Holy shit, I thought…her first time with a girl and she’s going down on me!! I spread my legs a bit farther apart and arched so she could reach me more easily…and then convulsed as she bit down firmly. After just a few moments of her biting and licking, fingers pumping in and out of me, I came harder than I ever had in my life. My entire body tensed, my back arched, I moaned and thrashed in her grip…I wasn’t even aware of her hands gripping my thighs firmly as I squirmed. When I was done, too, she crawled up beside me and fell asleep, head on my shoulder. I lay awake for hours later, staring into the darkness and thanking every deity I could think of for this one stolen evening.

By the witch

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