Stone Gardens

I sat there, in the dark,
Feeling my mind drive slowly into the realms of insanity.
Stones lay in the gardens of my thoughts,
Blooming amongst themselves are thoughts of death.

I do not recognize the dark, tenebrous voice,
Its soft susurrus will live on in my mind.
Its cold, fingers ran up my spine and it whispered
I know what you want.

My first thoughts were that it was the one i have been chasing,
Its burning orange eyes were the last thing I saw.
I drifted away,
Into darkness.

Cold is the only thing I feel,
Am i dead?
Or am I just insane?
As coldness continues to fortify beneath me.

Still my thouhgts run at 100 miles an hour,
Only stopping for a midnight slaying.
I do not know who chose to interpolate my thoughts,
As if this is some kind of game.

Surrounded by stone gardens,
All that blooms is death.
And black roses with thorns of hatred
Lying motionless in cold sweat.

Fear is not a choice,
Choices were long ago.
I will lie, and remain in this incubus,
Forever more.