Icy fingers tickle my spine as the clouds gather overhead.
No sun ever shun through, even when the whether was fine.
And yet I danced around as though a heat wave were washing over us.

A splendid display of my naivety.
A convenient little plot in your life.

Even as the drops fell on my face I smiled,
And as the wind blew my hair in my eyes I laughed out loud.
This was my world, nothing could ever go wrong.

Indestructible I stand. Never waver, never faulter.
And as light flashes I glance over at you…

Yes you.

You who I put my trust into.
You who I let lie to me a thousand times.
The one I knew was going to take everything.

And with frozen hands you led me,
With snow capped fingers you dealt,
A duel of wits under the veiled sun,
A misconception never to be undone.

You edged me onto the misty moors,
A foggy front I just couldn’t see through.
And although the rain lashed and raged,
I was safe while I was there with you.

But out from the beastly clouds came the thunder,
And a spiral of betrayal descended.

I was alone.

Another souvenir from ladyland.
Another chronicle to pass around the fire.

So as the twister subsides,
And the wind ceases to blow, I lie awake.
Still on that misty moor,
But the impenetrable fog has settled,
And I see you for the first time.
In my mind the storm you created lives on,
Brewing by my own misfortune,
Fuelled by my sassy illusions.
And yes there will be a time,
When the destruction brought upon me
Will be hurled down upon you,
And leave you to wonder why.

So you may be surprised by my smile,
And watch as I hold my head high,
For no man could reduce me to nothing
It’s forgotten in the blink of an eye.