Story of a Girl

This is a story about a girl, who had few friends,and was always alone. Her name was Lilly,and she was everything her name-sake depicted. She was a delicate, pale, lonely lilly. Invisible to the world around,just as it was invisible to her.
The world seemed cold and horrible,and wanted nothing to do with it,untill, Darrin came into the world.

Lilly was an out cast with only herself as company,with the exception of her friend Natalie.
It was a cold day in February,and Lilly was walking to Natalie’s house. She was half way there and her pale cheeks were rose color. To get to her friends house,she had to cut through the park, and on her short cut,she saw Darrin.

He was sitting on a bench writting something. his white cheeks were,too, rosey; his black hair covered his eyes.
He was tall, and looked fit. Lilly couldnt for the life of her tear her brown eyes away from this creature.He looked like he came straight out of a gothic fairy tale. She gazzed at him as if she was see god himself infront of her.
He must have scenced her stare,because he lifted his darkly handsom head, and she was startled to find his deep blue eyes fixed on her just as hers on him. It was like there was nothing else in the world but him.
Lilly had never seen him before,yet she felt as though he was an old friend she hadent seen for ages. Suddenly, a dog from the park ran up and barked at Lilly,which made her jump out of her coma.When she looked back to the bench Darrin had occupied,it was vacant,and he was nowhere to be seen. Lilly was confuessed and somewhat depressed at the thought that she might have just been day-dreaming,and if not,she might not see him again.
She made it the rest of the way to her friends house with out seeing him again,but she did not tell of her encounter with the beautiful stranger to Natalie.

*this is my first real short story,so dont crucify me for the spelling,i know the story is bad too,it will get better, sorry