Strange Aura 2: the shadow in the woods

I remember when i was in my seconde year of high school. It was my first year at that school,
and every mourning i`d walk infront of these woods.

I`d always ware a neclace that was given to me by my aunt, she was into white magic, neomancy, she said that when ever i`d be near obscure, dark side people or things id feel like puking and scared whenever i`d be waring the neclace. So when ever i`d walk infront of these woods, i felt wierd. I talked to some people at school to see if anybody whod know anything about those woods. one night with out a moon I was pasing by and i saw movement, shadows and fire i also heard people talking, I went to see what it was and i kinda regret it, i found a trail and i followed it and walked right infront of six people all dressed like gothic, midaevil they where in two circles on the ground made out of white powder one big circle and a smaler circle, black and red candles. I heared in french “Asmodé toi qui redige la colaire, dirige la mien……” i fell to my knees and lost my dinner and ran far away from that place, changed schools and i live an hour from that place. who is Asmodé?

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