, summer’98.
I remember that night at camp like if it was yesterday, I was finishing My smoke, planning stuff. I felt a strange aura I had never felt before. I through My smoke at the butt can and missed, I picked it up to put it in the can and at the same time I noticed northen lights in sky.

I went to get my camera and took a picture I also noticed there was no moon. As I’m bringning my camera to my bunker, I see four chicks that where laying in the grass, I get closer and I start to feel that aura I felt earlier. I went behind a tree to see what they where doing, thats when they rose from the ground in mid air chanting at the sky. one of them saw me but didn’t do anything like she didn’t care. As curious as i a’m I stayed till it started to rain,then I went back to my bunker and when i step in, I phase out staring at nothing, thoughtless for atleast an hour till someone showed up. The next day i went to see them and every time i tried to ask them what they where doing id forget what I was going to say. I dreamt of them all summer they where part of my fantasy. never heard from them again.

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