I’m reading all the time of hate and anger and frustration. I’m hearing nothing but the pain of others. I see the agony of all around me. And I have felt it, breathed it, been engulfed by it. I understand the need to vent, to get it all out. But I realise now that I can no longer accept it. I pulled myself out, me, I did it alone without any assistance. I had the strength to face my fears and the monster I was slowly allowing myself to become. and i won. I had the strength to pull muself up.
Now, i see things differently, I can see beauty, hope, peace.
I dont wallow in self pity any more. And as I grow I try to pull my friends up with me and I realise that those who cant rise with me stay low because they choose to. They are to cowardly to face themselves so they hide behind their hate of everyone and everything else. They dont have strength…………….because they choose not to
“The choices we make dictate the lives we lead”

By The Evil Cheezman

Purveyor of sacred truths and purloined letters; literary acrobat; spiritual godson of Edgar Allan Poe, P.T. Barnum, and Ed Wood; WAYNE MILLER is the head architect of EVIL CHEEZ PRODUCTIONS, serving up the finest in entertainment and edification for the stage, the page, and the twain screens, silver and computer. He is the axe-murderer who once met Andy Griffith.


  1. damn….is there truely no place left to bitch and find sympathy among like minded individuals?

    For as lond as humanity has existed, we have been gathering together in our moments of recreation and, you guessed it…bitched whined and moaned over the “unfairness of it all”.

    I’m proud that you have found the strength to raise your self up, but are you steping on us to do it? Assuming that we all hate eachother, that we all want to hurt someone or thing?

    Some strenght it takes to go to a sight anon, and tell us all how weak we realy are, just in case we’ve forgotten. As much as I enjoyed reading you diatrabe, I could have lived with out it. but then, I am sure you feel the same upon reading mine.

    I remain as always,
    nevar ~n~

  2. i understand wat strenght ur talking about..but people gotta do what they have to do and dat includes talking about how they feel..thats better than not talking at all.
    its all about survival..and if thats their way of survivng, you cant call them cowards..
    dont say youre better.

  3. While I could agree with certain points made..the need to consciously DESIRE to better one’s self,the dislike of those who seem to not have this desire…I must disagree in the lack of empathy espoused by the author….Still,adversity affects all of us in different ways.When I fisrt pulled myself out of my own quagmire,I went through a brief period of utterly inhumane callousness and disgust with anyone who was possessed of the same deadly flaw of self-pity that I myself had formerly possessed. It’s a fine line between honest and simple sharing of sorrow,with the goal of finding some support to get through a troubled time..and the simple crying of a spoiled child who cries not for the chance to be better,but for the attention that it brings.Sometimes,it is hard to see where that line is. In light of that,I myself can empathise with our anonymous friend..although I would caution him or her to be a tad parcel more empathetic him or herself.


  4. Yes they bitch and moan but yet they wont tell u who there are they do it anine so who was this that wrote strength

  5. I just happened on this article again tracking someone else’s comments, and I have now read everyone else’s responses as well.

    I never did respond to this one because the writer’s attitude just stunk so highly f self-righteousness. it is too bad that he does not see that he has not cured his problem, he has replaced it with another: hatred for those around him because he feels they did not or could not help him, so now he feels that his hatred is a good thing, he fools himself into believing that his hatred is really happiness because he has apparently livd with it for so long that it feels good to him, it brightens his day to bitch (and isn’t that what he is complaining about, all the bitching?) about the lower life forms that cannot touch his holiness.
    Sorry, my friend, you need to try again another way. I assure you that I probably could have gone down the path you are headed, but I choose to see the good in others, to work with people’s weaknesses and not put them down for it.

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