Everyday is a struggle. With family, friends, my cnscience, and just, my soul.
I lay there in my bed thinking about the day I had just lived. I am just an amature, in a world full of fighting, love, hatred, all a bunch of dangerous lusts. I just go with this confusing thing called life, I am not alone, yet, I feel alone, lost, trapped. I live in my own evil dimension, I don’t know where sociaty is, and, I don’t really care.
I see everyone around me happy, going on with their lives acting as if they have no care in the world. Everyone says that I have to smile more, but how can I am in so much pain, not physical pain, but mental pain. People say there is a better place that awaits us, but how the hell do they know? But, I don’t care. In someway, everyone is alone.We don’t really care for eachother, most of us just believe in this powerful evil thing called Love, that consumes and hypnotizes humanity. The few of us that who avoid Love say they are lonely and want it, but deep down they know they will live the most free. Life is just one big struggle, some of us make it, some of us go insane tring, and thats when Heaven and Hell come in.

By WickedHeart

Theres really nothing to me....just pain