Stupid Girl

She was walking along the street
alone after dark with no cross.
Stupid Girl

Her name he soon found out was
Katie. He asked her if she needed
an escort. She answered yes
Stupid Girl
But before he took her home
He asked if she wanted a drink.
She answered yes
Stupid Girl
After 3 drinks she was drunk
so he took her to his house
they started to kiss.
Stupid Girl
She started down his neck
trying to kiss every inch.
then she started to nibble.
Stupid Girl
He tought she was funny
so he started down her
Stupid Girl
A need came over him
and he pulled back to
bite her and he did. he
took her body to a lake
an hour from his house.
Stupid Girl
that was all Damion
could think when he
was with her was…
Stupid Girl