sugar high

this is basically me rambeling after sitting here eating mayple syrup out of an egg cup, life is funny isnt it? When things change they really fucking change, all in one month i have switched schools, made an entirely new group of friends, and my home life, where to start there?

my dad left us, my mom, me (i’m 18) my 8 year old sister, my 9 year old brother, he decided he doesnt want a family anymore, my mom is in her last 2 months of college, and he does this, abandons us, asshole, he makes 53 thousand a year and he wont help us out a bit, yes, he’s a selfish man, we dont eat because he spends all the money on toys for himself and drugs, but enough about that, i dont want sympathy, just someone to care would be nice.

Someone tell me why i’m not happy? for some reason i have no motivation at all, my grades seem to be slipping, shouldnt the fact that i realise what is happening in turn stop it? you would think. I have a “crush” on boy in grade 9! this i am ashamed of, i think it’s the black nail polish, something about boys with polish, delish. Ive never dated someone who is younger than 20 and here i am wanting someone who is, what? 15? shit, what’s happening to me?


By bloodkitten

well, I'm an 18 year old female, if you want more you'll have to ask