Suicidal poem -last poem written-

So long I’ve waited; for so long my life I hath unwanted.
Life delightful hath been not, and my heart too wounded is so.
A last breath me possessed, but it went -fade- away.
Love I swore to live for. Yet, such I never met.

Full of tears my time was. Thee pain caused, but I still love thou.
Call me fool, call me stupid, for that I am so.
I can hope no mo’e, and my dreams violated remain.
My last hope -rest- is death indeed.

They can cast stones at me. They can put a crown of thorns on my head. They can nail me to a cross. All I ask for is to leave my eyes intact. So I can see her giving her kiss away.

She’ll give away the kiss that never existed on my lips.
She’ll give away the love that my heart never possessed.
She’ll give away the happiness that mine never wast.
She’ll incite more pain in me; that she wilt so.

It’s too late for me to be salvaged. It’s too late for me to realized, and it’s too late for thee to know how much I love you. ’cause I just killed myself.
Blood I hath no left, nor me hath life.

Crazy poet of insanity. Thee were a clown to her. Let her dilute in you inner-pain… Evil one I urge you to please get out of head because now I’m dead, that I am, and always was…

By after_murdered

We gotta find a new way to die, cuz evertying is geeting old, even death.