I walked over to my bed and lifted up my mattress.. I pulled out the knife and set down. I opened it up and looked at it.. still listening to my parents bitching in the other room. I started thinking to myself, I was tired of all this.

I looked at my arm, tonight was going to be the last time,.. There would be NO MORE listening to the bitching, being blamed for everything, crying, cutting, feeling alone and wanting to die, being depressed getting shit at school and hearing my mother tell me it was all in my head and would go away if i would allow it to. I held out my arm and thought to myself, ‘NO MORE’. It was that simple. Tonight i was going to die. I rested the cold blade on my arm. Slowly i began to pull the blade across my left wrist.. pressing hard.. making sure it was deep enough to get the veins. The blood started dripping from my wrist onto the floor. I pulled the knife across my wrist again.. pressing harder going deeper and deeper in my arm each time. I looked down at the floor which was covered in blood and watched as blood ran off my arm into the puddle on the floor making it bigger and bigger. I took the blade of the knife which was covered in blood and pressed it against my neck. I started pulling the blade across my throat.. i felt it rip open my skin exposing the blood that was pouring down my neck. I dropped the knife and fell to the floor in the blood. My mother came in and seen my body laying on the floor, she started to cry as she picked up the phone and dialed 911. I was pronounced dead on the scene.