Suicide, an exit or a portal?

Suicide, What is suicide? Is it an exit or an entrance?

Is it for cowards or only for the bravest ones? Is it the solution or the problem itself?Suicide has been committed all time and it is not accepted in our culture as it hasn’t been accepted in most cultures, but why does it exist? Why would someone want to kill himself? Is it attempting against God’s will?

All these questions have lots of answers, in fact each person has its own answers, some may contradict some others but that’s the beauty of the humankind, each one has its own thoughts and own beliefs and noone can blame noone for that.But then again, what’s suicide? And why have we all at least once thought about it? Why some of us think about it everyday? And why some of us fall with it?Why is a big word, without it we wouldn’t have nothing but in the other hand, what we have? Why are we here? And where we will go? Noone knows the truth, but why should we know, maybe it is all written and we should just follow our path our maybe we should try to do what we want and at the time we want. So in that case suicide isn’t bad, but this isn’t all about it, in fact who gives a fuck about suicide?We should enjoy this life and then hope there’s another one, or hope that there’s a plan, a path to follow after this.But anyway, if someone wants to do something, he should do so even if it means dying. If you want to suicide, do it, but first know why you are doing it and understand all the consequences. Don’t worry about things like God’s will because you own your life, you own your body and you may do whatever you want to do with it at any time, don’t get poisoned with all the bullshit that you are told everyday, and think this: If you’re life sucks, and you want it to end or if you want to know what’s next, what’s after this don’t worry about such things as God or it’s Will ’cause if truly exists it is because of him that your life sucks and it’s his fault if you don’t know what’s next, he should gave us all the answer at the moment of our birth.In conclusion, do whatever you want to do with your life because after all it is YOUR LIFE!Just remember, think carefully what you’re doing and if you do something, beware of the consequences.


  1. agreed. live your life for yourself, and nobody else. kind as a side note, back during the middle ages, suicide was an honorable thing, but only in battle. there were a many knights that would “run” on their blade, before being taken captive. – Mortiki

  2. i agree that it’s your life and you should live it how you want to.but i feel that people who comite suicide are cowards and they don’t think anough about the pain that they cause others.i should know because i have attempted suicide twice and about three weeks ago i found my cousin hanging in a tree in his back yard.


  3. Suicide is not for cowards. Those who commit said act have to be brave enough to face the aftereffects. If anything it’s cowardly to live a shitty life, just letting it push you around. It takes a brass set to do something about it. Either you try to make it better, or you leave that life behind. Some people can’t change it, it’s almost like an obsessibe compulsive disorder. If you could change it you would, but something makes that impossible so the only other option to the person seems to be suicide. I’m not really sure where I’m going with this, but a sort of way to put it just popped into my head. It’s like someone is on the edge of a cliff, and it’s like one of those road runner cartoon edges that seems to just hang there. Blocking the way is a large beast which makes few, if any, advances. This is someones shitty life, cause it would suck to just be on that little cliff edge thing, but everytime you try to get past the beast (make it better), the thing kicks your ass. So it’s either find a way to beat this thing up or jump, either way you need a lot of courage to get out. Some people change something about themselves, like a goth going preppy, and this gets them past the beast. Most just sit there and take shit from the thing til the end. And then there are the few who just say a big ol’ “fuck you” and jump. It may not have made much sense, but if you get the point maybe you’ll see things differently.

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