Suicide Heart

Hold my heart at arms length
You won’t let me close to you
You know with you I’ve fallen in love
I only wish with me you would too

Why do you stand-off your heart
And coldly reject how I feel
And search for someone else’s love
When mine is here and so very real

You call me “just a friend” and it hurts
I know you don’t mean to cause pain
But I’ve fallen in love with someone
Who towards me will never feel the same

My heart is stabbed when I hear
You’re on a date kissing another jerk
Why can’t you just accept me as I am
My ears are ringing and my soul is hurt

Now I have to fall out of love
Break a spell so natural and true
Suicide my emotions and feelings
Erase from me all that is you

I’ll force my heart to forget
The lightness and joy that you brought
Love one-sided hurts so much
But another of life’s lessons is brutally taught

One way love just can’t be
Though my heart can’t understand why
Feelings so beautiful and right
Must now be forced by me to die

Hold my heart at arms length
And watch it break apart and fall
I thought that love had finally come
Now I feel that I’ve lost it all

By MichaelA

My name is Michael Archangel. In life I have moved through very dark spaces. I've learned to "see" in ways most people can't. I have felt profound hurt and sorrow. I have felt moments of joy. I am an artist, a poet, a psychic, and a writer. I am like no one else you will ever meet. In my writings you will find hope, dispair, fear, courage, and the lessons in life that I have learned. I live alone, but don't want to be. Maybe someday, in my searching, I will find someone....