suicide note 13

fake fake fake,
i hate you all, i hope you die.
stupid fuckers you make my cry.
i hate you all, your nothing to me.
i hate you all, get the fuck away from me.
you stupid fuckers i hate you all.
drop dead fucker, burn in hell.
my heart dwells with hatdred.
when is it my time to die?
fuck all the rest of you ive been waiting in line.
its my time to die.
i hate this place,these people,these feelings.
you make me feel like nothing.
you feed me lies, i want to choke on them and die.
you feed me shit, i eat it.
you feed me “love”, but you faked it, i know its nothing but a lie.
i hope you know i hate you. i hate you so much!
theirs only one person i hate more, thats me.
why cant i die? just let me die.
i dont want to feel this wany anymore.
i dont want to cry, i just want to die.
god you better kill me first before i get to me.
when i find me alone its going to be brutal.
i hate you!
i hate me!
i hate every fucking one!

its my funural no ones going to be crying at.

………….till death do us apart.

i still love you, you are my everything,your mine.
……….and you said you loved me.

By s.t.o.r.m.

my life is miserable, the one thing i love the most, deserted me. now i sit here alone with no one buried in insanity. life blows, and i hate myself.