As we impatiently await the coming of MEG to theaters in August, we have Discovery Channel’s annual SHARK WEEK to look forward to as well. SHARK WEEK has been called the Olympics for the Geeks of the world, but honestly I’d say that it’s an even bigger deal. What could possibly be bigger than SHARK WEEK? How about TWO shark weeks! The National Geographic channel—sorry, “Nat Geo”—can’t call their event SHARK WEEK, but that’s exactly what it is. Only THEIR version of SHARK WEEK is DOUBLE the size of the Discovery Channel’s! Is this stealing an idea? Absolutely. Do I care? Absolutely not. More sharks is more sharks, whatever network they’re playing on.

Nat Geo’s SHARKFEST will premiere on July 15th. Discovery Channel’s 30th anniversary celebration of SHARK WEEK will begin on July 22nd and run for an extra eighth day this year. Sure there’s gonna be some overlap, but I’ll record all of it anyway, so that’s three weeks and a day of solid shark action! And THEN we get MEG, which is gonna be gonzo fun, whether it sucks or swims.

Check out the respective lineups for the dueling networks’ shark specials as they are released here and here.