When I firs met you at the Plaza Inn
You took my hand and gave me a second win
When I’m with you I feel so free
Although our love should never be
I never thought we’d met so soon
You make my eyes a black full moon
My body’s numb, my hands are weak
Now you love I wish to seek
I’m coming down off you flight
Don’t let go hang on tight
I feel so guilty and don’t know why
Before I met you, I’d never try
You make me happy so why be sneaky
Your energy makes me uncontrollabley freaky
I hear you come why must you go
Til’ I see you again I’ll sit here and rock to and fro..
Why are you leaving please come back
Okay superman lets make a pack
I’ll see you every weekend you come around
Shh…be quite what was that sound
I’m not going to look for you so come to me
But if i have to I will but keep in mind you’re not exactly free
Bye bye for now I’ll see you tomorrow
Please set free all that pain and sorrow….

Dedicated to “Crystal”