Just in time for Halloween! (Actually, for this story to be a custom fit for All Hallow’s Eve, the following event would have to have taken place in a town called “Haddonfield,” wouldn’t it? But come on, this is close enough.) A lady named Deedee Oliveira, who lives on Elm Street in Mission, Texas, recently made an unusual discovery: a coffin buried in her backyard. The size of the casket, about four feet long, and the fact that one of the workers there to remove it claimed to have seen “little booties and pink little bears” inside—plus, y’know, it’s a coffin—led Ms. Oliveira to fear that a child had been interred on her property sometime in the past. Turns out, though, she can relax; it was just an elaborate final resting place for the deceased doggie of the former owners. Still, it was an honest mistake on her part, to suspect a human interment. After all—Hel-lo! Coffin! Who buys a COFFIN to bury Rover when he buys the farm? But I digress.

I can’t help but think about that scene at the beginning of NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 4, where the hellhound pisses on Freddy’s grave and resurrects him. (A gimmick that should have been too stupid to work, but instead worked qute nicely.) Maybe Ms. Oliveira shouldn’t relax so soon?

source: www.cleveland19.com