She walks into the club, glancing around apprehensively. He told her to meet him here, that he would have a surprise for her, but she doesn’t see him anywhere. The club is black and smoky, filled with flashing lights and pulsing bodies.

The scents of sweat, blood, and fear ride the air like perfume, reaching inside her and twisting something low in her stomach. She shivers and rubs her arms…a hand trails up her back, startling her. She whirls around to find him behind her, clad in black leather straps…and not much else. He is smiling evilly, eyes full of the dark light they get when he is aroused. She leans into him, kissing his cheek lightly, and he grinds his hips against hers, hardness pressing into her abdomen. She shivers, resisting the urge to wrap her leg around his. He starts to say something, then looks behind her and smiles, beckoning…and she feels another body pressing into her from behind, someone’s erection rubbing against her ass. “Do you like my surprise?” he asks, smiling down at her…she turns her head, gasping as she sees the man behind her — Daniel. His ex. Before she can say anything, both men press into her, grinding…she is enveloped in their scent, the feel of their bodies against her, and cannot wait to see what the rest of the night has to offer.
****to be continued****

By the witch

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