Swastika Unfolded

Ever wonder why Hitler chose the swastika? Well, I was curious about something I read in a book about magic. So, I researched here’s what I found. It’s quite interesting:

The swastika is a very old symbol used in both religious and occult practices (of the old times). Its original meaning was one of life, prosperity, and fortune. It’s amazing how only a few years can wipe almost wipe out the true meaning of a word that’s definition was built up over centuries, don’t you think?

When a swastika is clockwise (to the right) it symbolizes life, however if you reverse it, it reverses the cycle to mean death.

“It is interesting to note that the original designer of the insignia of the NSDAP, Dr. Freidrich Krohn, initially drew it right-handed, but Hitler insisted on its being changed to the left-handed version.” Found at: [url=http://www.locksley.com/6696/swastick.htm]http://www.locksley.com/6696/swastick.htm[/url]


  1. The Swasticka is an variation of the Sunwheel, which is a Nordic rune.

  2. *Swastika. I spelt it wrong. But at least I don’t get fucked in the ass by your dad. like you do

  3. “When a swastika is clockwise (to the right) it symbolizes life, however if you reverse it, it reverses the cycle to mean death.”

    I think this is what the Chinese believe it means.

  4. Erm thats facinating i didnt know that….cool *skips off to tell all her friends*
    *realises she hasnt got any friends*

  5. Adolf’s other motive for the left swastika,
    was that it reads Two SS’s.


    “Socialists, we see our program in our flag. In red we see the social idea of the movement, in white the nationalistic idea, in the swastika the mission of the struggle for the victory of the Aryan man, and, by the same token, the victory of the idea of creative work, which as such always has been and always will be anti-Semitic.”

    -Adolf Hitler

  6. In midsummer of 1920 the new flag came before the public for the first time.

    (the red, white one with the swastika)

  7. . / /
    . /___ /___
    . / /
    . / /

    . / __
    . /__/__
    . __/ /

    thats wat I meant

  8. …../………./……
    …/___…. /___..
    ……../……… /…
    ……/……… /…..


    thats wat I REALLY meant

  9. OK there thicktears, you seemed to have got your knickers in a twist.

  10. it’s interesting how the same situation has occured with the traditionnal witchcraft’s (also used in other ancient pagan religion) was turned to the satanist’s as their symbol, yet positionned up side down…then again this occurred only when christians arrived…sadly the missunderstand of the symbol lived on, just like Hitler’s swastika

    La croix gammée fût la croix sur laquelle trop de gens ont laissé leurs vie…

  11. like i put in another post there is such a thing as being racist if you classify all germans as nazis. everyone is capable of hate and prejudice.

  12. Yip i agree Mourningstar2002 everyone is capable of hate and prejudice, but thats just human nature after all we cant avoid it really.
    P.S I apologise for the comments I made about the nazis in earlier posts, I was in a very bad mood at that time.

  13. bluebar, der blut aus dein arsch Tropfenfunger auf dem Fuboden nach Ihrem brutalen raub von einem Hund. denken Sie sprechen Deutsches? Sie sind eine Vergeudung meiner Zeit und eine Vergeudung der Luftt. Tung sich

  14. ah RIGHT thought i got summat wrong there………….parlez vous en englais

  15. si, je parle l’anglais presque aussi bien que je parle le français, donc dis moi donc , c’est quoi ton putain de but?

  16. ITS NOT SI…….thats spanish, its oui.
    And I put that question forward just for the sake of it….not for you to actually answer, im not really that much involved in my languages……..just goes to show that i really do need to broaden my languages.

  17. hey, lad, i am french, and we do use si
    as yes, depending on the context
    and whether or not it was just for the sake of it that you posted, i still had to reply

  18. Does it! Well im not now im looking up manga on the net theres sum good stuff on here.

  19. Really i thought you were quite normal….rotten.com…..wonderful choice.

  20. yet, what is normal is not a vague term designed by so many only to shape their own conception of what should be a person?

  21. WELL……………an individual is normal, it all depends on how one is percieved, like you said.

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