how i hate the world today
so full of hate and pain
people killing jut for the rush
no one stops to love

only to fuck
leaving one person sore and hurt
only to fuck never to love
lieing to get between the legs
how i hate men like that
this world is full of hateful whores
yelling just to hear them yell
spreading shit around the world
fucking with whoever they want
whatever happened to friends forever
fuck that no one cares
how i hate girls like that
adults act like we dont know
how this fucked up world works
no one notices how we survive
without thier rules and laws
how i hate adults like that
i sit here and stare into the night
wishing i was more than i am
wishing i was thinner
wishing i never met “him”
never let him pry my legs apart
and whisper dirty lies
how i hate myself like that
but how do we change this fate
and make this world better
but nothing will change this
we made this world
we fucked with destiny
and we made ourselves what we are
how ironic

By Blak_Kat129

Singing, writing poetry,listening to music, dancing, the works what more do you want of a mortal?!