Sweet Dreams

As Avery lyed in bed that night, she reflected on her weekend. She sat up in bed and pounded her pillow.

I have to get some sleep. She settled back down, this time to think of Chris again. I wonder if he dreams about me anymore. He used to have naughty dreams about me all the time before. I wish tonight he could have one, but I wish I could control it. Finally sleep seemed to be within her grasp. Oh, how I wish…..
Chris lay in bed half asleep. Finally this day was over, and he could have some peace. He hated it when Avery came back to town, everything got so complicated. He flung his arm up over his face and began to drift. Slowly he began to feel something tracing up his leg, and for some reaon he could smell peaches. He turned over, and murmured Avery in his sleep. The touch on his leg grew more insistent, and he was jerked back to reality. Knelling by the side of his bed was Avery. “What are you doing here?” he asked, wide eyed in disbelief as he sat up. ” I just wanted to let you know how much I love you” she whispered to him, as she pushed him back down on the bed. The room was black, and all he could see was her golden hair shining from the light outside the window as she slowly crawled to the end of the bed. Next thing he knew, his boxers were being pulled down, and Averys tongue began stroinking him, getting him and hard and ready within minutes. She slowly licked the tip of him, before taking him fully into her mouth. He could feel her tongue caressing him and she took him in deep, sucking gently at first, but increasing the pressure at just the right moment. He wanted nothing more then to come into that pretty glossed up mouth, and he couldn’t believe this was happening. She began to slide him out , and licked down the length of him to his balls, which she now cupped and licked gently. She grasped his hardness and once again placed him in her mouth, this time sucking hard and well as pumping him up and down. Chris didnt even realize it, but he had begun to moan. Avery always knew what to do. She pumped faster and faster, the whole time sucking and licking, and Chris felt ready to explode, but before he could, she stopped and looked up at him, smiling and licking her lips. Chris reached up and twisted his fingers into her hair, urging her on, but she had other plans. She got up, and straddled him, lifting her nightdress up and over her head, exposing the breasts he loved so much. He reached up and cupped a breast, rubbing the nipple to hardness. She leaned foreward and whispered, “I want to feel you inside me” Then layed down beside him, smiling once again. Chris needed no urging. He quickly got on top of her, kissing her hard, and pinching her nipples. He slid to fingers inside her to check her wetness. His fingers slid in easily, and he knew she was ready, like she always was for him. He slid his fingers out, and replaced it with his throbbing dick. She moaned as he did this, and he took advantage of her open mouth to put in the two fingers that had just been inside her, looking into her eyes the whole time he was in her. She took them, and sucked off the wetness, getting Chris going even more. He pushed her legs up, and pushed in as deep as he could, over and over, faster and harder. “harder” she moaned, and Chris leaned down, took a nipple into his mouth and bit her and he plunged in even deeper. Avery wrapped her legs around his hips and he shifted to get in deeper, causing her to arch her back to moan even louder. Chris could feel himself almost at the end. Being inside Avery was the best feeling in the world. Her tight wetness was all he needed and took advantage of the fact he had it. He leaned down one last time, and kissed her, sliding his tongue into her mouth as he pulled out one last time, pushed in hard and fast and came in a shuddering release.
Avery licked and bit his neck as he layed on her panting. She rubbed her leg up and down his back, giggling every once and a while.
“So am I as good as I ever was?” she asked him. He looked up at her, staring into her eyes. “yes”
Avery sat up in bed sweating. wow, she thought, never had a dream like that before. She sat up in bed only to fine that her legs were really sore, and she had bruises on breasts.
Chris’s eyes flew open, the word yes still echoing through his head. Oh god, it was a dream, he thought, and turned and buried his face in the pillow. It was so realistic he murmured. He lifted his head and turned to the other side of the bed, facing the wall. On top of the pillow was something shiny and silky, he reached over and picked up a long blond hair….

By chastity

Music is really important to me and really influences my writing.