I’m up to my gills in sharks these days. As I type this article, it’s the final day of Discovery Channel’s annual SHARK WEEK. I’ve only watched about half this year’s programs thus far. And I’ve only gotten around to watching about a third of National Geographic’s counterprogramming would-be coup, SHARKFEST. I’ve got ‘em all recorded and waiting for my leisure time. At the rate I’m going, I’ll still be watching shark shows at Christmas. Oh, and my original stage play SHARK: THE BLOODY SUMMER OF 1916, telling the true story of the New Jersey shark attacks that inspired Peter Benchley to write JAWS (although he later backpedaled on this, aghast at the fear and loathing of sharks that his book, and the subsequent movie, had engendered in the public mind, afraid of contributing to it, and validly so, given how vital sharks are to all life on planet Earth) is set to open on August 10th, the same day as THE MEG opens in theaters. While I’m still not sure why they chose to go with a campy approach for the movie (and with Jason Statham) when the novel that inspired it is straight-serious, I’m still looking forward to this flick. It’ll be great even if it sucks.

If you’ve got the proper hardware, you can take a swim with the Meg in virtual reality. In case you, like me, can’t seem to get enough shark in your life.