Near the cliff’s edge, on high Standing out against the sky, Dost thou see a ruined cross Weatherstained, o’ergrown be moss, Gloomy, desolate, forsaken, By unnumbered tempests shaken? Not a blade of grass grows nigh it, Not a peasant lingers by it. E’en the sombre bird of night Shuns it in her darksome flight, Startled… Continue reading THE VAMPYRE (STRIGOIUL) PT.1


These things-spinning through my head. They are not mine, not me Can’t make them stop. Dizzy, dizzy, dizzy. It all spins my head. Need help Must escape. Crazy? Maybe. But not like you’d think. Gotta lay off the shit Should stop, so help me! Sedate me, booze me, shoot me. Anything to make it stop… Continue reading Addiction