why do people like hurting

i am trapped in my mind against the iron walls of treacher never knowing what or what is not real all is blurred together in this vision of lost hope and happiness which never really existed because all that i know is real is the lies and deceit and betrayal how am i to know… Continue reading why do people like hurting

The things they say but don’t do

They say I care but I really don’t. They think they know me but they never will, they don’t even bother. As long as everything’s easy and painless they can pretend to care but they always turn away in the end, or maybe it’s me. I don’t know and it doesn’t really matter anyways…

Poem- The Mass

Humanity as a whole is a mass of ignorance Too worried about getting their money and finding someone to fuck They don’t see what the world is turning into because of them Their parasitical nature,what they truly are they will never want to see

Anyone else see death as a blessing?

I started being interested in death when I was 11. I think that’s because I started middle school and my teachers encouraged us to expand our minds by reading. And since I always read voraciously anyways, it was just another door opened to me when I saw a Christopher Pike book. I thought I would… Continue reading Anyone else see death as a blessing?