The cold robbots of mechanical love

There´s a thought that always come to my mind when I tell my girlfriend that I love her. I think about the future, the people and the feelings. I´m so afraid that we all become just egocentric machines with a mechanical love. I think it probably won´t happen… but people are getting so cold and… Continue reading The cold robbots of mechanical love

Lillyonna- Vampire- Unfinished

You know who I am… You have heard our stories before. Around the camp fire, or a mother’s threat to make the child keep to their bed. But unlike the stories of recent years, mine is of the newer generation. My name is Lillyonna, and I am immortal. Yes… one of the undead. Much like… Continue reading Lillyonna- Vampire- Unfinished

Empty Ambition in A Fearful Heart

The coldness of the blade,It’s shinning so brightly… I love it.Somethings calling,I want to go, My faith is falling, I want to follow.I wake up… too bad,I knew I would have done it,I wake up, I would have pushed it in and spun it.But that’s all gone- for now.The nerve I had seems so hollow.A… Continue reading Empty Ambition in A Fearful Heart