Things People Do For Love..

Death Her hands pushed the hair delicately behind her ear as she sat in the office. The clock now read ten minutes until midnight and she had the usual eight o’clock deadline for the article she was doing. After a few tiring hours of typing she finally finished it up and pressed the send button.… Continue reading Things People Do For Love..

no one else

The man had been whatching susan for 3 months straight he knew when she woke up, who she talked to at work every day he even knew when she had her period each month. He knew that she was a busy woman she had no time for men but one week was different.

Bloody Lover

The night was dark and cold, what we loved most of our nights dating. My boyfriend, Andrew, and I were making out in my apartment that evening. He kissed me down my neck and down my chest and……lower… I moaned. He took a bite of my neck lightly. I giggled, enjoying every minute. “I love… Continue reading Bloody Lover