Deadly Apologies X

X – “Look, I have to go, I have some buisiness to take care of with Tashalyn.” said Organto. “What kind of buisiness?” Toby asked. “Truthfully, I must kill her, she must not live any longer.”


Will you cut me up so that I can feel you fucking up my life again? Will you wake me up so that we can kill ourselves together again? Will you hate me somemore like you use to? Will you tell me your secrets like you used to? Will you make me bleed your in… Continue reading Apologies

Deadly Apologies V (vampire)

V – Organto walked out of his room, and sat on the couch, sighing deeply. Averick heard him and walked out. “What seems to be the problem?” Averick questioned worridly. He waited for a while, when he didn’t get an answer, he felt like yelling out Organto, but he didn’t want to wake Rykas up.… Continue reading Deadly Apologies V (vampire)

(vampire)Deadly Apologies IV

IV- Averick’s and Rykas’s eyes met. Rykas was speechless, she stood there with her mouth dropped, she didn’t even realize it was open. “Is that a good speechless, or a bad one?” questioned Averick. Rykas ran up and hugged Averick as tight as possible. Organto answered “I am almost certain that is a good speechless.”… Continue reading (vampire)Deadly Apologies IV