Societally vexed

Society is a plague, it’s been said before… “the person is smart but the people are dumb”, conformity riddles the never ending agenda of daily life along with the violent but hushed death of free thought. The few keeping it alive are vastly outnumbered by modernized mindless zombies. The freedom of life, the only right… Continue reading Societally vexed

Military Gothic

The Gothic lifestyle is something that many people that look in from the outside do not understand. For the largest portion, they cannot understand why we don’t want to wear happy clothes, hang out in huge crowds, and be up beat all the time. Something they would describe as “anti-social”, I would declair to be… Continue reading Military Gothic

I am a Soldier

Well now you know. In 13 hours i deploy for the first time. i can’t say where to but its going to be rough. thats the Army liffe i chose. if i’m not back in 10 days something went wrong. this mission should last only 5-8 days. i want to say to those that wrote… Continue reading I am a Soldier