Just a little bit on my mind

Hey, I don’t expect anyone to really read this. It’s not poetic or anything, I just needed to let someone know how I’m feeling, and vent a little bit, hell it probably won’t even get posted, but if your reading it hey I guess it did.-Rachel For the first time yesterday, I realized how short… Continue reading Just a little bit on my mind

The Night Is Death

My armies are all slain my castle lies in ruins but they could not stop me the could not stop the beating of my undead heart and now I shall comee to them in the night these mewing babies and my visits shall not be kind I shall teach them the error of there way… Continue reading The Night Is Death

From the Pits of Hell (or Writer’s Block)

For the past three years, I’ve been trapped in hell. At one time, I fancied myself a writer. Among many of the things I wanted to do with my life, I knew that one of those was to write. If I was incredibly lucky, perhaps see my book in a library some day.I have always… Continue reading From the Pits of Hell (or Writer’s Block)