Poison Lemonade

If only you were still here with me I’d pour you a glass of my broken heart And watch you raise the glass to the lips that once were mine I’d stare as the poison slid down your throat And watch your once beautiful face grow pale I’d stand there as you’d start to choke

Remembrance and Longing

Burning, quivering Staring into the junoesque Handsome face of oblivion Noticing the slight curvature In the features of her smile As the moonlight radiates over her skin Showing crevices, indentations Around that little grin But it moves closer Steadily advancing on her guard Both women amazed at their own actions Harming no one Na├»ve in… Continue reading Remembrance and Longing

Where are you…

I love you Michael…..I miss you so much. Why did you leave me, why did you leave me all alone? I don’t understand, where is my God? Why did you take him from me, I love him so much. I need him, I am so afraid…..I am so lonely without you Michael.

Eternal Bliss

He watched her from the darkness. His vampire eyes Taking in her every feature. Her long dark hair flowed over her shoulders in soft curls and her earth colored eyes looked blindingly in the darkness. She spun around in a circle making her white lace dress rustle with her movement. It gave her the look… Continue reading Eternal Bliss