Remember when I said I’d be here forever?

It was cold. Silver and cold. But it was such a beautiful night. It was a light drizzle as River and Lana walked along the edge of the woods. Walking to their secret spot and holding hands, the moon hung halfway behind a cloud. They walked a little further and soon were at the small… Continue reading Remember when I said I’d be here forever?

” My Fateful Attempts “

It’s a rather beautiful night, the stars are out, the moon reflecting its astonishing gleam, as i walk down the old sidewalks of Main Street, the shops are old and out of bussiness, the street is practically deserted, only leaving locked doors and cealed gates, but one particular building stands, it seems to be an… Continue reading ” My Fateful Attempts “

Marilyn’s Sword

Marilyn thought of all the horrible, stupid things that her family has done to her as she opened her bedroom window. Her younger sister, MaryAnn, was just a bitch in every way possible. She was annoying and self-absorbed, and she always took that of which was Marilyn’s. Her mother, Karen, was always in a bad… Continue reading Marilyn’s Sword