There is nothing in this world for me. Nothing of substance. There cannot be companionship, happiness or even lonliness anymore. Everything is void & I can’t understand why. I can only press on, moving forward for no reason. Only to survive. But why? What’s the point? Doesn’t matter anymore. Only the cold & thoughts of… Continue reading Neo-Christ


I’m sitting here not knowing what to do. I feel lost, alone. I guess it’s just not meant to be. My whole life f*cked up like no tomorrow. I…..I dunno what to do. I feel the pain coming….though I never slit a single cut. I feel the rain coming…..though I never seen a single drop.

Lillyonna- Vampire- Unfinished

You know who I am… You have heard our stories before. Around the camp fire, or a mother’s threat to make the child keep to their bed. But unlike the stories of recent years, mine is of the newer generation. My name is Lillyonna, and I am immortal. Yes… one of the undead. Much like… Continue reading Lillyonna- Vampire- Unfinished

Traditional controversy

The room was filled with cries from the innocent mouths of the children, the screams and tears echoed through the village until the floor ran red and silence was heard. A small child came out from hiding, he took the weapon from the dead murders hands that has massacred his little playmates, he keep the… Continue reading Traditional controversy