The final night

topic – death “I’m leaving” she said with a shivering voice. She had that look in her eyes, like in the first day, lost somewhere in another world, in another time. The look that he was hoping to change. And now he knew that she was never coming back, and nothing can make her stay.… Continue reading The final night

Depression are “in”

I donĀ“t understand the children,the youth who belive that it is cool to have/be depressed. I see every day when all the little ignorent children who think they are goth, becouse they wear black clothes and have black makeup on, i really want to help them, to explain the whole history about goth.

Two days in the home of shyanne,seth, and misti

It was a cold Grey-collored night sky. I was watching Lilo and Stitch on DVD at te same time waiting for Shyanne to get home with a friend for me. Hours later after the movie ended I heard thekey unlocking the door and quietly ran to it and unlocked it for her. I opened it… Continue reading Two days in the home of shyanne,seth, and misti