Sirens Song

Sirens song oh so sweet Mocking laughing and inticeing me Darkness folding within itself Blackest ocean of sorrow felt Timeless spinning in the dark Blooding dripping from heart to heart the deep ocean of black the void of everything sirens calling calling for me within depths the blackness in this ever ending never beginning Sea… Continue reading Sirens Song

The Inevitability

everything is unchanging and yet it changes so much alone here with the blood stained hands licking them clean as though i have done nothing wrong the beautiful blackness of the perfectly shaped orbs round and loving the way they never shunned u or said “you aren’t good enough for me” they love u consistently… Continue reading The Inevitability

Horror lies within

Bleak hope scatters within fragments of my failing consciousness . Wearied I forage for the sanity to end the abhorrent creature which stalks my dreams. A beast blessed with blackness and appeased with terror, silently it stalks in the faults of my battered mind. Hunger craved, it presses each night drawing blood from guiltless souls.… Continue reading Horror lies within