Bloody tears Full of tears Don’t know what to do I’m so confused Eyes open to explore eyes shut to adore Theres my love walking out the door And think that this is war Wondering why he didn’t say good bye Theres nothing left in this world to do And still I am very confused… Continue reading Confused


Now is lost Hopeless again when will people accept me for who i really am? My bloody tears crawl down my face searching for a place to rest in peace for now is lost, yesterdays gone, today is nothing tomorrow is something. What is this so called god?, angels sent to me? But im no… Continue reading Lost


Eyes are the windows to the soul, My eyes are like burning coal. The burn with ire and hate, and something that no one can apperciate. Bloody tears are to only be cried by the Virgin. it doesn’t matter who it could’ve been. We all cry bloody tears, because of our fears.