Dance With Darkness

vampire/erotica After working my evening shift and getting home, the thought of food came upon me. I didn’t have much in my apartment for food, but luckily, I had a five dollar bill on hand, so I figured why not just walk around the corner to Taco Bell? I decided to change into some black… Continue reading Dance With Darkness

She Is Now Forever Mine

She is walking down the darkened street as the lamps flicker on and off and all is quiet.I am hiding in the shadows behind the bushes,my black cloak hiding me from sight. I see her,her raven black hair cascading down her back just below her slender waist,her icy pool of crystal blue eyes. She walks… Continue reading She Is Now Forever Mine


a single leaf falls on the frozen ground silence the loudest noise to be heard deafeningly frigid wind rushing past blowing the leaves around his black cloaked body standing, waiting for something although no one knows what the tall boy with black and red hair standing alone…always alone wearing his Cradle of Filth shirt and… Continue reading Love