Betrayed by Them All

Today was just like any other day. I was awoken by Joseph, my dad, followed by the sluggish morning routine that goes un-charmed by the free birds’ happy melodies, and then school. There I tried with motivation to concentrate on what was being taught, I also attempted to not end up hating them (you should… Continue reading Betrayed by Them All

Dark Sk8er Chapter 1 for erotica readers

I had only resently moved from england to amercia but i had already built up a messed up reputation in high school. I was the new kid and whats worst i was from england! I had only just turned 16 and it was my first birthday in a new country. My bad rep had come… Continue reading Dark Sk8er Chapter 1 for erotica readers


Where did all the ‘happiness’ go? Where did all the having fun go? Where is all the loving and caring people that told lies to my face? Where is all the anger coming from? Where is all the bloody stains on the floor come from? Where is all the boyfriends? Where….where….where?

i despise valentines day

i know i probably wrote something about christmas, but know i want to rant about valentines day. i really want to know what the point is with having a holiday where you are forced to say you love someone. all it really does is remind those of us without anyone of how alone we are… Continue reading i despise valentines day