Wash away the pain

Hot shower The scalding water beats down on my back Breaking and burning

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Torn away

You messed with my brain you toyed with my heart I thought it was nothing

The Art of Breaking Hearts

there’s simply nothing as satisfying then breaking innocent hearts grip them in between your teeth and rip them apart extinguish the candle forget all your pain more than you can handle? then don’t use your brain there’s simply nothing to do but sit and watch it break my heart left in two is more than… Continue reading The Art of Breaking Hearts

A Memory from a Soulless Body

Nobody knows what it’s like to live without a soul To be floating in cold water barely high enough to breathe With a brain half full and emotions half empty Where every thought is forced and no longer free When every day you live is a blessing Not because of the chance of death but… Continue reading A Memory from a Soulless Body


time its eating away at me under my skin piercing my brain in my every thought shadows black through my veins