Trick Candles

Make a wish blow out the candles i never think twice i wish for you they wonder why im always so sad like they havent a clue its because i cant have you i guess someone should have told me that wishes dont come true.

death-mistakes and regrets

A cut so neat and precise, easily worthy of any trained surgeon appeared on her wrist, as she felt the blade sink in to her soft, warm freshly tanned skin she turned her head to face him. Her jaw slowly sank, her eyes seemed quite different to how they normally look, no sparkle, you could… Continue reading death-mistakes and regrets

Death comes to those who wait

The bitter wind lightens in the candlelit presence of the dark angel Her silk black hair brushes against her soft white skin The candlelight violently flickers, troubled by its soon demise It goes unnoticed to the angel, falling in love with the moon But the bitter wind feels it’s pain He lightens to a soft… Continue reading Death comes to those who wait

The road to purgatory…

I have forgiven……my children. I have prayed for their souls in purgatory. It is a matter of time before they will be released, unto heaven or hell. They had sins, their own penitence. I pray in this dark holy temple, with the candles lighting my face. On my knees I pray for their souls in… Continue reading The road to purgatory…

X.x One night of pleasure… My last night of pain… x.X

The tip of the blade, dancing up and down across my soft, vulnerable flesh. Barely touching me, sending shivers up my spine. Inching down my face, playing with my lips. Finally, a small cut is made on one side of my stomach. It doesn’t hurt, only a tiny sting. Then once again, I feel the… Continue reading X.x One night of pleasure… My last night of pain… x.X